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Winter Product Roundup

The title speaks for itself, here are my favorite products I use during the winter.

Let's start with skin. When the weather gets colder, my skin gets sooo dry. Not just my face, my entire body gets practically scaly. For my face, I don't change too much about my skincare routine. Every once in a while, if I know I'm staying in all day (which is what we're all basically doing now anyways) I'll use my night cream during the day to get an extra boost of moisture and really lock in any serums I use. I'm currently using a whole regimen from Beautycounter. I know there are more high end and more "natural" products out there but this is what works for my skin and I love it. So don't come at me lol. I also tend to exfoliate more in the winter to help remove all of that dead dry skin.

Another product I can't live without is Tan Luxe - The Face (the cover photo of this post). This self-tanning serum is supposed to be mixed with your moisturizer and it gives such a nice natural tan. I don't typically use any other self tanner because I'm the worst at applying it and it gets streaky lol, but The Face gives such a pretty glow and is pretty much fool proof. Goodbye winter paleness.

Lips. I'm kind of nuts about my lips.. I'm the type of person that can't even wear lipstick because I hate the way it feels. Lip balms are literally my best friend. If you've never tried it, you NEED Palmer's Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick. I'm not lying when I say I have 6 of these scattered around my house and in the car.. they're so cheap. But, obsessed is an understatement. And who wouldn't want their lips to smell like cocoa? Palmer's Cocoa butter lotion is also amazing and what helps me get rid of my scaly winter legs.

For hair, I tend to blow it dry a lot more often than in the summer. There's nothing fun about air drying and then going outside in the cold with damp hair. That being said, I always make sure I'm using a heat protectant. Those of you that don't believe in heat damage.. I'm sorry you are w r o n g. Please let me refer you to the countless YouTube videos of people accidentally burning their hair off. I've mentioned this product in a previous blog post, but the Olaplex Bonding Oil is my faaav for protecting my hair from heat damage and also giving my ends some love. As always, I'm open to any hair questions or general questions, just message me! I'm a huge summer fan but these products help me get by until the warm weather returns. I hope you found something new that you might want to try!

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