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Tips for Decorating Affordably

Whether you're moving into a new space, switching up your style, or are decorating for the first time, it can seem like a lot. How do you choose what you like and where do you find everything?

We moved into a 3 bedroom house from a 1 bedroom apartment so needless to say we had a lot of space to fill up. My house isn't done yet and there's still a lot I want to do, but I thought other people could benefit from some of the tricks I've picked up along the way.

1. Find a style / vibe and try to stick with it.

This is probably one of the hardest things for me to do and it ends up overwhelming me. Spend time on Pinterest and figure out what look you love most. It makes it sooo much easier when buying pieces to say no to things you may really like because they don't match your now chosen style. It's so easy to walk into a store, love everything, and come home with a bunch of things that don't really go together. Make Pinterest boards to help discover what you like and also give you ideas for pieces you might want to find and buy. We're slowly switching into a more boho style so some of my decor now doesn't really make sense but we'll get there lol.

2. Don't do everything at once.

Give yourself time! You can't make everything look great in one day. It helps to set aside money in your budget every month to space out the spending. Spreading your decor budget out over time will keep you from buying things just because you were in a shopping mode that you may not actually love. I also like to focus on one area in my home at a time. Don't buy bathroom stuff on the same trip you're buying shelf decor etc.

3. Don't diss discount stores.

Believe me, if I could buy everything from Anthropologie I probably would. But I'll never be able to justify spending $100 on a throw pillow. I will do a more thorough post on places I shop for home stuff, but here's a short list of places I ALWAYS score great deals.

- At Home

- Dollar General (seriously... $10 throw pillows)

- Walmart

- Thrift / antique furniture stores (if you're in Charleston, we LOVE Eclectic Finds in Mount Pleasant)

- (super great deals on furniture)

- Amazon


It might take more time to find things you like by going to different places, but it definitely saves money. At Home and Overstock always have added discounts too, so look into that.

4. Repurpose

There are so many things you may be tempted to replace, but they might be able to be repurposed! One of my favorite DIYs is painting old vases, lamps, etc, to make them look textured, almost like terra-cotta. All you do is mix paint with a little bit of baking powder and it completely changes the texture and makes your piece look so cool. I did this to a lamp that I hated but Nick didn't want get rid of because he spent good money on it. Now, it looks brand new and like a completely different style. You can really give items a glow up that you didn't think was possible. Another hack, instead of completely replacing light fixtures, you could try just replacing the piece that goes around the actual light. I have no idea what its called, the light shade? Home Depot and Lowes has so many options and they're way cheaper than a whole new light fixture. Instead of spending almost $750 for new ones above our island, it was only $60 to make them look exactly how we wanted them.

5. Keep it simple.

Not only is it cheaper, but minimalism is definitely in. Obviously this is personal preference, but I'm a "less is more" kinda girl.

These were just a couple things that have helped me to get our house looking the way I want it to without completely breaking the bank. I have a story highlight on my instagram with more details on some of the stuff in our home, but always feel free to ask! Also.... just because someone's style isn't the same as yours, doesn't make their taste bad or ugly. How people decorate is a reflection of themselves and what they love, so don't judge :)

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