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Summer Favorites Roundup

Summer is right around the corner, and in Charleston, it feels like it’s already here. There's something very comforting about walking out of the house to a warm breeze with the slight marshy smell lol.

While prepping for the next couple of months, I decided to write up a post about the things I couldn't do summer without.

Ray Bans - obviously

I’m the absolute worst at losing or breaking my sunglasses, but nothing has happened to my trusty ol ray bans. A little on the pricey side, I make sure they’re well taken care of. My mom manages an eye physician practice so she has drilled into me how important it is to protect your eyes from the sun with QUALITY lenses, just like you would your skin with sunscreen. This pair of Ray Bans in particular are super versatile and can go with pretty much any outfit.

Shoes for the beach

I never go to the beach without my birks. I don’t want to ruin my nice sandals and I also like to have something super comfortable and durable, so these are perfect. They literally last forever and aren’t super hideous. Just make sure you use spf on your feet because the tan lines aren't pretty.


I am definitely guilty of not using it as much as I should.. But I never skip out on using it on my face! Currently I’m using this one from The Skin Clique in Charleston. They have an online boutique where you can shop high quality skincare products. I use it every. single. day. and I love it. Yes, even when I'm not going in the sun. It’s not too thick and it doesn’t leave your face looking greasy. Sunscreen is the key to looking young foreverrrrr.

Another key to keeping that skin young, moisturizing it! My skin gets super dry in the summer so I tend to lean more towards body oils rather than lotions (we’re not talking about the face here btw). This one by Moroccan Oil is so good and smells really nice. It keeps your skin looking smooth and moisturized all day and it comes in a spritzer bottle which is a lot less messy. In a pinch, I’ll sometimes use coconut oil. It feels really nice but has that distinct smell so I don’t use it much.

To protect my hair and keep it soft, I use the Olaplex Oil. We all know that’s my go-to every time.

If you like to shade your face from the sun, I love the “Praise Be” visors from Tan Lines (also love the reference to Handmaid’s Tale). There are so many different opinions on these visors, but I think they’re super cute especially at the pool or beach. Blessed be the fruit.

Can’t go anywhere without an aesthetically pleasing water bottle, duh. STAY HYDRATED LADIES.

Since we live 15 minutes from the beach and like to go randomly, I always keep a packed beach bag in the car. It makes being spontaneous a little more organized. If you're a Yinzer reading this, I’m sorry. Always keep your umbrellas in the car I guess. Haaa

Contents of the beach bag include: towels, sunscreen, bathing suit, cover up, and a Nicholas Sparks book to get you really into that southern cheesy romantic beach mood.

That concludes the summer favorites roundup :). Can I get an amen to warmer weather and no more seasonal depression? Bring on the sunshine.

If you like any of the things I talked about, click on the underlined words and it will take you to their websites :)

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