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Hair + Trends

One of my favorite things about the beauty industry right now is the gradual shift towards "natural" hair and makeup. If you like to embrace your natural beauty but still want to have some fun with your hair, then this one is for you.

With my mouse brown hair, I'm never going to achieve the platinum look. Lucky for me, dimensional hair is where its at. I'm talking natural roots with blended ribbons of color throughout. I don't really need to explain balayage (ball-ee-ahhj) to you, I'm sure you see/hear about it enough because what's not to love about it? If you're a brunette and want to try something different but still subtle, ask your stylist to ease you into "bronde" (a combo of brunette and blonde). See the picture above for reference.

If you're a full highlight every 4 weeks kind of girl, try smudging your root down to give you less maintenance and longer time between appointments. I promise, its way different than just letting your roots grow out. It's much more blended and doesn't look as harsh. Also, try dipping your toes into a less ashy blonde. Your hair will thank you for not drowning it in purple shampoo as often.

To match the very beachy color vibes, loose messy waves are also in. I guarantee you can't scroll through instagram without seeing at least one ad for a beach waver. If you're interested in my favorites, I'll link them at the end. So, if you're bad at perfectly curling your hair or you can never seem to get it smooth enough with a flat iron, then thank the trend gods for making wavy messy "natural" hair on trend.

With embracing a more lived-in style, that doesn't mean you should neglect your hair from products! As a hairstylist, I'm surprisingly not a huge product junkie. BUT, I always make sure I'm using a great conditioner and a hair oil. Coloring your hair can take a toll on it, so make sure you're doing the right things to keep it nourished and healthy. Oh, and for all of you that are dry shampoo obsessed, please please please make sure you shampoo twice every time you wash your hair, or use a clarifying shampoo once a week. Dry shampoo can build up on the scalp and cause dryness, itchiness, and flaking. Not fun.

Even though I'm not currently behind the chair, I'm always open to hair questions! If you want product recs, color opinions, or even salon recommendations, I'm here to help! Just shoot me an instagram DM and we can chat!

I hope this gave you the courage to try something new or the confidence to rock your quarantine roots!

It's the lived-in look for me.

My favorite tools for beach waves:

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver

Bondi Boost Wave Wand (they have a smaller version for shorter hair too)

Kristen Ess 1" Beach Wave Curling Iron

BioIonic Long Barrel 1" Curling Iron (this iron is perfect for long hair)

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