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5 Favorite Rooftops in Charleston

It's finally that perfect time of year when its not blistering hot but also warm enough to enjoy your evening outdoors in summer clothes. Or as I prefer to call it - rooftop season. Charleston and the surrounding areas are full of outdoor patios and rooftops. This is a list of 5 of my favorites located in Downtown Charleston.

1. The Citrus Club

Put in the number 1 spot for a reason, The Citrus Club is def my favorite. Located in The Dewberry Hotel, this super cute rooftop has great drinks, light snacks, and awesome views of the city. Their drinks and decor are both photo worthy. Not to mention the adorable little lime trees everywhere. Perfect spot for a girls day.

2. Stars Rooftop Bar and Grille

Known for their yummy brunch and less expensive mimosas, Stars is great for a Sunday in the city. It's more of a terrace style bar but still has a great 360º view of Charleston.

3. The Pavilion Bar

Located in The Market Pavilion Hotel, this rooftop is classy with a beautiful pool and elegant decor. Note that they have a strict dress code that is enforced after 6pm.

4. Uptown Social

This rooftop bar markets to the "social butterfly." This spot is more upbeat with live music nightly and a large crowd. Though I prefer it during the day, it's definitely popping at night with a young crowd. Prepare for a line to get in.

5. The Cocktail Club

This bar is cool in general, so their rooftop is absolutely worth checking out. They make really creative cocktails that are amazing. And on the rooftop, you'll find a garden where they grow most of the garnishes for their drinks.

Screenshot this graphic if you're interested in checking out any of these spots!

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