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2020 Holidays - Life Update

I've been a little MIA with blog posts during the holidays, they were kinda crazy - as I'm sure they were for all of you. Covid, amiright? I wasn't planning on making personal posts about my life, but here we are.

Let's start with Thanksgiving. A week before Nick and I were supposed to go see a small group of family back in PA, we tested positive for covid! We lived, clearly, but it definitely wasn't fun. We're very grateful that things weren't worse though. So amidst our body aches and lack of taste and smell, we were determined to make things feel normal and cook an entire thanksgiving dinner, just like the ones we were missing out on back home. It was a lot of hard work but was so much fun and we ended up having a really good time. Props to all of you who host, that shit was hard even for just the two of us. The whole time we were eating, we couldn't taste a single thing, we thought it was hilarious. I'm still convinced it might possibly have been the best dinner ever and we'll never know. Oh and Nick sliced his finger open on a can of corn and definitely should have got stitches.

Christmas - this is where things get fun. We first celebrated at home just the two of us where we filled baskets at the dollar store with stuff to open. Neither of us needed anything or wanted each other to spend a lot of money. The dollar store gifts were great and so much fun to open. Then, we made the 10 hour journey home with our cat to see some of my family. I know, shame on me for not staying home, but I think we all really needed it. And the best part, Nick and I got ENGAGED and got to celebrate that with the people closest to me. It was truly so special. Yes, I'll include a pic of the ring.

New Year's Eve was perfect. No pressure to do anything fun, we just stayed home, ate good food, and were in bed by 10. This year may have been the first in my life where I didn't watch the ball drop and it was glorious.

So, now that it's 2021, what's up with us? Wedding? Well, we're taking our time and enjoying our engagement. I've never wanted a traditional wedding, or a wedding at all really, for that matter. My dream is to have an elopement style wedding in another country, and thankfully Nick shares that same dream. So maybe some time in 2022 we will start to figure that out. We'd both rather have a dope honeymoon than waste a ton of money on a wedding neither of us really want. Not that there's anything wrong with that at all, it's just not us. When we start to really plan things and decide on a place, I might do a short post about that if anyone is interested.

We're also welcoming a new member to our family at the end of this month, sweet little Lemon. He's a smooshy little golden retriever and we are so insanely excited for him. A couple months ago when we decided to get him (before he was even born), I pranked my mom and told her she was going to be grandma. She started crying immediately before I could tell her "grandma to a puppy," it was cute lol.

So that's my little life update. I hope you all had a great holiday and my heart goes out to anyone who couldn't spend it with their family, or doesn't have family to spend it with. Here's to praying that 2021 will be a little better!

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